We’ve received questions from a number of MLS partners regarding data access for consumers in the weeks after rolling out the latest version of Remine and the updated Remine.com.
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Dear Client,

We’ve received questions from a number of MLS partners regarding data access for consumers in the weeks after rolling out the latest version of Remine and the updated Remine.com.

We address these questions below. We have also made some proactive adjustments to Remine.com and the ways consumers can access MLS data.

Please know, before we get into details, that we exist for you, the MLS, and your subscribers. We may not get everything right the first time, but when that happens, we will make things right.

Our goal is to become the leading MLS system vendor in our industry and our trajectory shows that we are on our way. That reality exists because of the trust you and over 50 other MLS leaders have placed in us. We take that seriously.

We’d also like to reiterate why we created Remine.com in the first place:

  • Your members have asked us for a client search portal where they can stay connected to their clients and where their clients are not subject to ads from other agents and companies.

  • We believe MLS technology should bring consumers into the MLS ecosystem - where the hard work of generating listing data actually takes place. The artificial barrier between MLS system and consumers has limited the MLS for too long.

  • The MLS community is losing eyeballs to Zillow and others who are using MLS data to attract an audience and monetize it.

Our goal is not to be or create a public portal, advertising-driven site or the like. We do not sell consumer leads to agents or brokers, nor do we collect referral fees from agents or brokers. We do not sell consumer data to mortgage companies.

Remine.com exists to serve your MLS members’ needs by providing a touchpoint where they can connect with their clients without fear of losing them.

This is how Remine.com works and how it supports consumer-agent interaction:

  • Only consumers that have been invited into Remine by an MLS subscriber, and who have registered, can access MLS data on Remine.com and the Remine app. These consumers can also see off-market properties (based on public record data).
  • An MLS member can also create a Cart that includes both MLS listings and off-market listings and share those properties through the Cart.
  • The member can then “see” their clients’ activity on Remine.com and in the app – which properties they viewed, which properties they liked and didn’t like, etc. This transparency is one of the tools Remine provides your members so they can better serve their clients.
  • Unregistered consumers can only see public record data on Remine.com and on the Remine app.

Remine.com is not publicized to consumers at large. We do not advertise the site and we do not do any Search Engine Optimization to help push the site-up in web-searches. It is a digital front door to be opened only by your subscribers.

Consumers who do stumble upon our site cannot view MLS listings without being invited by an agent. They will be prompted to contact their agent for an invitation or can choose their agent on the site and that agent will then get an email that will allow them to invite the client to the site (or not).

Once access is granted, the agent and their brokerage are given attribution during the entirety of the consumer’s visit on the site or use of the app.

Given concerns we have received about the “Agent Matching” feature, we have decided to turn this off by default and only activate it again on a client-by-client basis with custom rules determined by each.

Furthermore, we will also be placing public records data behind registration/login so that the totality of the Remine.com experience is agent-directed.

Remine.com and Credit Scores

We offer only consumers registered through their agent the ability to get their credit score and a full credit report for free. The agent the consumer is associated with gets full credit/attribution for providing the free report.

We do not sell the consumer information to mortgage companies or brokers.

Our promise

We will be more proactive about communicating future changes to our application, Remine.com, and the associated mobile apps. Our primary customer is you, the MLS, and your members.

Please reach out with any questions you have. We’re always glad to hop and on a call to discuss further.

Jonathan Spinetto
COO / Co-Founder



For your future.

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